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Mini massage gun

Product Name: MINI Muscle Massager
Product weight: 820g
Intensity gear: 3 gear adjustment
Battery capacity: 2600MAH (domestic cell)
Equipment power: 18-95W
Life time:≈1-5H
Torque range: 0-5 1KG/CM
Machine frequency: 25Hz/36Hz/46Hz
Itinerary: 11MM
Intelligent timing: 10MN
  • K1 MINI
  • Molaxzo
  • 01-Aug-19
  • PA, glass fibe, Steel Heat Sink
  • Nylon, Stainless steel
  • Black, Grey as default; more to be customized


Molaxzo Muscle Massage Gun MINI

- percussion massager deep tissue relaxation for relieving muscle pain, soreness and stiffness 

. Well recognized, hottest, and patented item

. Metal heat sink for fast conduction speed

. Brushless noise reduction motor

. LG build-in lithium batteries 3400mAh

. Max strengths: 3200rpm

. Double link structure shaft

. 4 + 2 professional massage heads

Molaxzo strives to provide you with top quality physical therapy massage guns, including K1,K1S, MINI, MINIS, DEFT, DEFT S, NANO, NANO S, 9 and 9S. Molaxzo has a mission, and that mission is to provide you with the best quality and affordable massage guns on the market. 

MINI muscle massager size: 

H 204mm x W 160mm

Product List: 

Machine x1
Storage bag X1
Massage head X 4
Charger X1
Product Manual x1
Massage head shock absorption accessories X2


Black / Grey

More colors to be customized

Maixin Tech ships in multi-ways, 1pc drop shipping, LCL delivery, air-shipping, container sea shipping all upon the actual needs. Flexible cooperation manners help our customers to start their own business right away without hesitation.

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   Is The Massage Gun Really Work?   

Massage guns are sweeping the world of fitness gadgets. These percussion therapy devices aim at muscle aches with rapid pulses, designed to allow you to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy comfortably at home. 

Many massage gun users swear that the gadget can help relax muscles by increasing blood flow to soft tissues and reducing lactic acid accumulation, promote muscle recovery after exercise and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOM). 

Although the researchers have not specifically confirmed the efficacy of the massage gun, the research does support the therapeutic ability of vibration therapy and massage, both of which are part of the blow therapy.

   How to Use   

The use of the massage gun is very simple - after the massage gun is started, align the massage head about one inch from the skin to start the massage. Experts recommend that each muscle group only use one to two minutes, and it is recommended to start adapting at the lowest intensity.

   Are Massage Gun Safe?   

You should avoid using a massage gun on a torn ligament to avoid any further damage, especially after injury.

As your sprain begins to recover, talk to your doctor about massage and percussion therapy before trying any treatment yourself.

1. Please use the original charger to charge Molaxzo massage gun, 3-5 hours is applied for a full charge, the indicator will be green when full charged 

2. Do not use this machine while charging 

3. Do not insert or touch the gap between the massage head and the shell with your fingers or other objects during use so as not to pinch 

4. This massage gun can not be self-disasembled or modified 

5. Due to the high power of the device, it is recommended to use it for 10-20 minutes at a time to avoid physical discomfort 

6. Do not allow children to use alone 

7. If you experience pain or discomfort be sure to immediately stop use 

Consult your physician prior to use if the following apply Osteoporosis patients, anyone with heart problems wearing an electronic medical device, pregnant women, anyone with physical trauma or any other medical complications must consult their physician prior to use




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