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9° massage gun

Warrantee 1 Year
Power 15-160W
Frequency 20hz/26hz/36hz/46hz/53hz
Voltage 16V DC
Revolutions Per Minute 1200/1600/2200/2800/3200(rpm/min)
Amplitude 11mm
Torque Pressure(kgf/cm2 ) 0~7.5kg/cm
Charge Time 3~5h
Battery Capacity 3400mAh(LG Battery Cells)
Battery Endurance 1.5~6.0h
Number of Speeds 5 Speed
Noisy Level on Highest Speed 45~75db
Massager Net Weight 820g
Color Black
Carrry Case Yes
Massage Head 1*Ball Head,1*Fork,1*Cone,1*Flat
Steel Head 2*Steel Head
Unit Weight 1.76kg
Unit Size 30*8.8*33(cm)
Qty Per Carton 6 units
Weight Per Carton 11.5kg
Size Per Carton 55*31.5*35(cm)
Certificate CE,FCC,Patent Protected,FDA(pending)
Charger Type US/EU
  • 9 degree
  • Molaxzo
  • 01-aug-19
Company Profile
Yongkang Maixin Technology Co.,Ltd., the direct designer and manufacturer of Molaxzo handheld and lightweight deep tissue penetration massage guns. Molaxzo is Maixin's self owned brand, including K1,K1S, MINI, MINIS, DEFT, DEFT S, NANO, NANO S, 9 and 9S. The massage guns of Maixin are designed with the mission to offer the best massage gun that is more usable, affordable, portable, accessible, trustable to everyone.

Announcement of Meresoy Marking

Regarding the description of the meresoy brand being maliciously registered abroad

Dear customers,

Due to improper protection, our self-owned brand Meresoy, has been maliciously registered by someone else in the United States and the European Union. We will use Molaxzo and FUNZA markings of MAIXIN manufactured therapy massage gun products in the future. Please pay attention while cooperation.

Thank you for understanding.

Maixin-Tech Team
Who should use the fascia massage gun?
Marathon, ball sports, mountaineering, fighting and other physical endurance sports crowd

Muscles are in a state of tension for a long time and have not been relaxed. When the amount of exercise is overloaded, there may even be cramped muscle pain, tenderness, swelling and weakness. In severe cases, there are also symptoms of muscle dissolution.
You can use Molaxzo percussion massage gun to relax muscles during exercise, relieve and release muscle pressure, and protect our health
Bodybuilding, shaping, yoga, preparations and other fitness shaping sports

For the fitness crowd, we can use the Molaxzo fascia gun as a warm-up before training and to supplement the stretched muscle relaxation. When lifting the muscle dimension, the muscle needs excessive recovery and nutrition. Relaxing the muscle fascia can make lactic acid bacteria elimination more smooth, Combing muscle fibers, facilitate blood delivery of more nutrients, quickly adjust the state of the body, and break through the weight bottleneck
Products Description
Deep Massage Fascia Gun
Deeply relax muscles to awaken body vitality
Muscle relaxation / Voice reduction motor / Multi-frequency vibration / Wireless handheld / Metal heat dissipation
What is the fascia gun of the popular fitness circle?
Fascia is a common type of connective tissue in the body. It fills the entire body, giving not only the internal and external shapes of the body, but also the scaffolding structure for all other systems of the body such as the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems.

Therefore, the fascia is considered to be the "skeleton" of soft tissue. Exercise or long-term bad habits can easily cause damage to the fascia and muscle groups, produce adhesive junctions, and we often call "muscle delayed soreness." And scientific and reasonable use of fascial guns can reduce such phenomena and reduce the risk of sports injuries.
Strict inspection security guarantees quality from R&D to the selection of materials. One more test, one more security. Molaxzo keeps bringing safe and professional massage guns to the majority of consumers.
Great parts and professional techniques make awesome products!
The 3400mAh five-star Panasonic lithium battery has better battery life.
The battery life of the fascia gun depends on the battery capacity and the brand of the battery. At 9 degrees, it uses 6 strings of imported Panasonic lithium battery packs, 3400mAh long-term energy storage, strong endurance and long cycle life.
US-imported intelligent control chip, intelligent computing, efficient mute
Chip is used for processing information. The more precise and rapid the motor drive will be more silent and stable. The 9-degree US-imported intelligent main chip is used to directly hit the pain point and protect the muscles.
Stable performance
Reaction speed
Domestic  Ordinary chip
(Cheap massage guns
on the market)
 Poor computing power
Unstable motor operation prone to noise
Unstable motor operation
Machine vibration is large
Poor experience
 Slow response
Low hitting efficiency
The effect is greatly reduced
Import Silent chip
massage guns)
 Accurate and fast calculation; The motor runs stably with less noise
Constant motor running
Small vibration amplitude
Experience better
Accurate and fast, 
ensuring that every hit is just right, safe and effective
United States imported brushless motor Strong power to reach sore point
The brushless motor imported from the United States adopts a MOS tube. The shock can penetrate deeper muscle groups and the relaxation effect is more obvious.
Aviation grade aluminum alloy shell design
Adopt aviation-grade aluminum alloy shell, not only higher grade than traditional plastic shell, but also high hardness and corrosion resistance,Good sound insulation and easy heat dissipation.
1. The metal outer wall is easy to dissipate heat and protect the internal electrical components;
2. The metal shell is sturdy and stable, and will not cause noise due to vibration
3. Corrosion resistance is not easy to aging
4. High hardness and wear resistance, not easy to scratch, excellent wear resistance
5. No odor: Compared with plastic, aluminum alloy is environmentally friendly.
6. High-end grade: beautiful body, atmosphere

Massage head×6 
Carefully take care of each muscle group
9 degree fascia gun provides 6 professional massage heads. Compared with the 3-4 massage heads on the market, different parts match different massage heads, professional and meticulous care. Place your muscles for a more comfortable and professional massage experience.
More scientific gear setting Multi-frequency vibration corresponds to different needs.
The Molaxzo 9-degree fascia gun provides 6 gear vibration modes, which is more accurate and professional than the ordinary 3-4 gear vibration mode massage guns. Rich selection of modes to meet different relaxation needs of family members.
 1st Level
Muscle activation
2nd Level
Fascia relaxation
3rd level
Break down lactic acid
4th level
Deep massage
5th level
Professional mode
6th level
Deep physiotherapy
Pressure sensing technology impact feedback
Advanced pressure sensing technology can grasp the usage strength in real time; powerful high-torque motor, the body balances the impact feedback force, and the output stabilizes the power.
Nano-sized silicone handle Soft skin-friendly grip
A good life requires a sophisticated, nano-sized silicone bag Wrap handle, bring baby skin as delicate touch.
Product packaging
Molaxzo massage gun NANO well packed in high-end travel bags, with all the accessories including Adapter, A Velvet bagpack of massage heads(4-6pcs).
Well organized inside, Good looking outside, that is the carrying case matching Molaxzo massage gun and the people carring it.
It shows a neutral color box. We accept your OEM packing with MOQ 1000pcs on free basis. Small quantity please inquire our sales.
It shows a neutral carton packing without shipping mark. Cartons can be customized with your own figure and information needed.


Samples are available on payable basis and freight cost by buyer. But we do have refund policy for 1pc per 100pcs order.

Sample only delivers in Molaxzo marking or plain marking.

                                Maixin Team
Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturer, the company Maixin Tech was established in 2017. Our products have been sold and shipped abroad by trading companies in past 4 years. Meresoy and FUNZA are our registered brand and they won great reputation in the line.

Q: How is the warranty policy?

A: We offer 12 months warranty for each products.
Q: What is the advantage to cooperate with Maixin?

A: Founder of Maixin believes that only superior quality products can live long. We have and only have one quality. Sweep across the market with inferior products and cheap prices are not the way to run the healthy market, build the benignant industry.

As a R&D engineer, the founder is focus on thedevelopment to give all users the best using experience. Maixin's massage gun are designed for supermarket like Walmart, Kmart, Costco, Coles, etc...
Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)?

A: We do not require MOQ for neutral products, even 1pc can be provided by drop shipping. But for OEM products, we require MOQ of 300pcs, ODM 10000pcs.

Q: What is the payment terms?

A: Full payment for drop shipping only; For bulk orders, we accept T/T or L/C, 30% deposit to start production, balance before

Is The Massage Gun Really Work?   

Massage guns are sweeping the world of fitness gadgets. These percussion therapy devices aim at muscle aches with rapid pulses, designed to allow you to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy comfortably at home. 

Many massage gun users swear that the gadget can help relax muscles by increasing blood flow to soft tissues and reducing lactic acid accumulation, promote muscle recovery after exercise and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOM). 

Although the researchers have not specifically confirmed the efficacy of the massage gun, the research does support the therapeutic ability of vibration therapy and massage, both of which are part of the blow therapy.

   How to Use   

The use of the massage gun is very simple - after the massage gun is started, align the massage head about one inch from the skin to start the massage. Experts recommend that each muscle group only use one to two minutes, and it is recommended to start adapting at the lowest intensity.

   Are Massage Gun Safe?   

You should avoid using a massage gun on a torn ligament to avoid any further damage, especially after injury.

As your sprain begins to recover, talk to your doctor about massage and percussion therapy before trying any treatment yourself.

1. Please use the original charger to charge Molaxzo massage gun, 3-5 hours is applied for a full charge, the indicator will be green when full charged 

2. Do not use this machine while charging 

3. Do not insert or touch the gap between the massage head and the shell with your fingers or other objects during use so as not to pinch 

4. This massage gun can not be self-disasembled or modified 

5. Due to the high power of the device, it is recommended to use it for 10-20 minutes at a time to avoid physical discomfort 

6. Do not allow children to use alone 

7.If you experience pain or discomfort be sure to immediately stop use 

Consult your physician prior to use if the following apply Osteoporosis patients, anyone with heart problems wearing an electronic medical device, pregnant women, anyone with physical trauma or any other medical complications must consult their physician prior to use

SPEED   LEVEL (RPM)6 (1300 - 3200rpm)6 (1300 - 3200rpm)
GUN   POWER12 - 220W12 - 220W
NOISE   LEVEL45-70 DB45-75 DB
BATTERY   VOLUMN2600mAh3400mAh
DIMENSIONS8.46" X 6.7" X   2.56"8.46" X 6.7" X   2.56"
215 X   170 X 65 mm215 X 170 X 65 mm
WEIGHT1.04 KG1.04 KG
CARRY   CASE330 X 260mm330 X 260mm
13"   X 10.24"13" X 10.24"




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